FINE ART & FUN ART by Theresa LaBrecque

Theresa is a long time and talented contributor to the gallery.  She helped us tremendously when we were just getting started with encouragement and advice.

Previously the owner of the Cape Cod Mermaid gallery in Dennis, she now resides in Northwood, New Hampshire amid a wide variety of animals.  Basically she is now in Heaven !

We have a wonderful assortment hand made mermaids at two price levels. With exquisite detailing and crisp definition, her individually crafted mermaids are one of a kind, never to be duplicated.  Notice the hair strands and lovely flowers – detailed.
IMG_0250IMG_0249A more affordable choice are her “Mold Release” mermaids.  For these, Theresa makes a mold and they can be duplicated.  Even these are lavished with her hand painted glazes to reveal the personality of each mermaid.  In this example, the top of the shell lifts off to reveal your private hiding place !IMG_0248This exquisite and large ( 12″ long and 6″ high ) even has foam in her hair, having just emerged from the surf.  She has a few friends joining her and makes quite a statement !

We have many more – just ask when you come in. 




Another passion of Theresa’s is converting her Whale of a Town original oil paintings to the affordable and fun pursuit of jigsaw puzzles !  She has done most of Cape Cod towns and each painting features historic and iconic buildings and features of the town in the painting.  See if she has done your home town or where your favorite memories have been made ! IMG_0261IMG_0260IMG_0259IMG_0266IMG_0265IMG_0264IMG_0263IMG_0262

Coexisting in the ocean with her mermaids, whales are also a favorite of Theresa’s.  These original oils are large format.  This one has a circus training session in progress.  Mermaids need entertainment, too !  Overall: 24″ x 30″IMG_0289Back at the turn of the century, many old homes had a pull out bread cutting board.  Like a drawer, it was pulled out when needed.  Theresa used this antique example as a patriotic backdrop for an American Mermaid.  Even mermaids appreciate the rich history of our country.  Overall:  22″ x 30″
IMG_0287This beautiful whale is carefully balancing an entire garden on its back, complete with a bird bath !  Overall:  20″ x 28″
IMG_0290Innovative as usual, Theresa is using new materials now at hand in her new life on her beloved farm.   Her sheep produce wool, and she is now making felt from her sheep and turning into beautifully detailed felt mermaids.  She continues to delight and amaze !  Come in the gallery to see her incredible collection of artistic styles and stylings !

Felt Mermaid