Rethinking our business model …

My goal has always been to put our wonderful products up for display and purchase online.  The text information now on the site is just not enough, thus the desire to show each and every wonderful creation was always on the radar screen.

We’ve been receiving our new 2015 inventory for about a month now.  Then REALITY SET IN !

There is just no possible way for our inventory to be put into an online purchase system.  There TOO MANY individual, unique items to even think about doing this !!  Unlike most galleries and stores which have manufactured, identical items that can be reordered at will, almost all of our wares are one of a kind, never to be exactly duplicated.

The partial solution would seem to be a simple photograph of an artist’s current inventory to get the discussion started.  If you see something you like, you can contact us directly and we can discuss in person.

For instance, here are two new artisans, Nanci from Hull, MA, and Fresh Fish, from Florida.

Nanci creates wonderful mosaic, one of a kind pieces with a very sturdy plywood backing. The fish are suitable for outdoor use as well as indoors.  They are sealed, high quality plywood. For a sense of scale, the shark is almost 4 feet in length !     $ 795

Fresh Fish features finely crafted pine wood sculptures created by Richard and whimsically painted by Robin. The Mermaid is 17 inches tall – $ 50

Nanci Jaye Inventory