Wonderful Summer !

Reflecting on the summer so far, I have to say it has been a wonderful one !

Not only has the weather been co-operating by supplying us with temperatures that are warm and summer like, but not oppressive. Almost too good to be true.

Many customers that have visited in the past are now returning yet again.  That is the highest compliment imaginable.  We try to offer a wide variety of hand made American creations, and this approach really seems to resonating with more and more customers. 

As an update, we are currently working on creating an online store.  This is a labor of love as almost all our inventory is one of a kind, so each and every item needs a picture, and its own description and pricing.  With over 150 crafters now being featured, there is a lot to do for each and every participant and their creations.  It will be a gradual transition, so keep an eye on our site as things improve.

Best wishes to all of you out there in the world at large. Keep us in your thoughts and if you are in the neighborhood (West Dennis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts) come in and say “HI” !