SAND ORNAMENTS and LAMPS with Sparkles !

IMG_1109 IMG_1115 IMG_1116

We met Diane and David at a craft show in Florida and were immediately taken by their unique imagery, great prices, and creativity.  Cast from west coast Floridian sand, they add sparkles to their mix and then add color and a Cape Cod logo just for us here at the American Point of View. We have mermaids, seahorses, flip flops, sand dollars, light houses, golf clubs, anchors, starfish, crabs, Adirondack chairs, scallops, Baby’s first Christmas, and more.   Come and see !

We also feature their candle holders in two sizes with sea creatures adorning the sides and a votive candle surrounded by sand for the ultimate indoor beach experience.  Ambience !


Want dinnertime companion that is handsome and always ready to “serve” you ?  He can be used year ’round, inside or out, but is especially good for your summer picnics and get togethers, these guys will always make you smile and be a source of conservation for years to come.

All stainless steel, they are welded from “silverware” made especially for this company, they are about 12 inches tall  … Check them out !



Great news !

Theresa LaBrecque, formerly of the Cape Cod Mermaid store in Dennis, has reduced the price of all her hand made, one of a kind mermaids by 25% !  

These are fine porcelain with wonderful detail and craftsmanship.  She is no longer able to make them, so these will quickly become collector’s items.  We are proud to offer all her remaining mermaids (and mermen) at the lowest prices ever !  Don’t delay ….


IMG_1119 IMG_1121 IMG_1120

OPEN ! OPEN !! OPEN !!!! NEW LOOK ! Come and see !

IMG_1140 After major exterior renovations ( almost done now ), we’ve cleaned up our act and a ready to show you many new artisans and their work !

We removed some old windows, replaced others, and replaced our old shingles with beautiful siding for a fresh look.  We opted to add a decorative band of scalloped shingles as an accent.  The result is a vast improvement !  Come and check us out.

Pictures to follow.  Keep an eye on us if you drive by.  Beautifying Cape Cod, one building at a time !




The snow banks are now a memory, the flowers and trees are showing signs of life, and the gallery is alive with new in innovative artisans !

We’re working on changing our basically text only website to reflect the incredible diversity of ONLY American Made creations we feature.

Stay tuned for more introductions, but here is our latest.

Tina Kelly walked in from right down the street from us.  She creates these incredibly intricate beaded earrings at an affordable price.  The wires are sterling the the craftsmanship is first rate.  Are we lucky or what ?

Tina Kelly

Rethinking our business model …

My goal has always been to put our wonderful products up for display and purchase online.  The text information now on the site is just not enough, thus the desire to show each and every wonderful creation was always on the radar screen.

We’ve been receiving our new 2015 inventory for about a month now.  Then REALITY SET IN !

There is just no possible way for our inventory to be put into an online purchase system.  There TOO MANY individual, unique items to even think about doing this !!  Unlike most galleries and stores which have manufactured, identical items that can be reordered at will, almost all of our wares are one of a kind, never to be exactly duplicated.

The partial solution would seem to be a simple photograph of an artist’s current inventory to get the discussion started.  If you see something you like, you can contact us directly and we can discuss in person.

For instance, here are two new artisans, Nanci from Hull, MA, and Fresh Fish, from Florida.

Nanci creates wonderful mosaic, one of a kind pieces with a very sturdy plywood backing. The fish are suitable for outdoor use as well as indoors.  They are sealed, high quality plywood. For a sense of scale, the shark is almost 4 feet in length !     $ 795

Fresh Fish features finely crafted pine wood sculptures created by Richard and whimsically painted by Robin. The Mermaid is 17 inches tall – $ 50

Nanci Jaye Inventory

Wonderful Summer !

Reflecting on the summer so far, I have to say it has been a wonderful one !

Not only has the weather been co-operating by supplying us with temperatures that are warm and summer like, but not oppressive. Almost too good to be true.

Many customers that have visited in the past are now returning yet again.  That is the highest compliment imaginable.  We try to offer a wide variety of hand made American creations, and this approach really seems to resonating with more and more customers. 

As an update, we are currently working on creating an online store.  This is a labor of love as almost all our inventory is one of a kind, so each and every item needs a picture, and its own description and pricing.  With over 150 crafters now being featured, there is a lot to do for each and every participant and their creations.  It will be a gradual transition, so keep an eye on our site as things improve.

Best wishes to all of you out there in the world at large. Keep us in your thoughts and if you are in the neighborhood (West Dennis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts) come in and say “HI” !


Welcome to 2014 !

2013 was a banner year for the gallery !

We changed the name to The American Point of View about a year ago in response to many requests. Typically, someone would stop in for the first time and say something like: “I’ve driven by here for 5 years and never stopped in because I thought it was only jewelry.  I can’t believe how many other things you have here …. I love it !”

We always try to listen to suggestions you make and take action.  As a result, we saw lots of new and happy faces.  As friends tell friends, we know that this year will be even better !  Welcome one and all.

Creating a new website !

We’re taking a course to learn more about our options to make our new website the most informative and interesting possible !  Watch the website, chart our progress and feel free to suggest how things could be easier and better for you !